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Nearly 60,000 U.S. bridges are in desperate need of repair

Thursday, 2:20 AM

Nearly 40 million Americans will kick off one of the busiest travel seasons in history this Memorial Day weekend, jarred by potholes on America's roads, crossing her aging bridges, riding her antiquated railways and taking off from airports that draw international scorn.

Take a deeper look at D.C.'s corroding Arlington bridge

Thursday, 2:15 AM

CNN's Rene Marsh looks at the corrosion happening inside the Arlington Memorial Bridge, and one of the attempts to fix it.

Spectacular new bridges around the world

Thursday, 2:15 AM

In a world of bamboo skyscrapers and transforming apartments, it's easy to forget about the bridge, the humble structure that makes getting from point A to B all the more simple.

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Where almost no one lawyers up

Thursday, 2:17 AM

On the south side of this wounded city, young black men and women fill a youth center on a recent weekend to learn how to exercise their civil rights.

Navy probing 'American Sniper' medal records

Thursday, 7:39 AM

The Navy is investigating why documents show a discrepancy between the number of medals awarded to Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and what he wrote about in his best-selling book "American Sniper.

Photo reveals Haitian West Point grad's American dream

Thursday, 2:17 AM

If you need proof that triumph can have many faces, look no further than this stunning photo of recent West Point graduate Alix Idrache.

Americans are fatter than ever, CDC survey finds

Thursday, 2:16 AM

The results are in from the one of the largest and broadest surveys of health in the United States. And although many of the findings are encouraging -- more Americans had health insurance and fewer smoked cigarettes in 2015 than in previous years -- the gains were overshadowed by rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

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Woman busted with meth-stuffed burritos

Thursday, 2:16 AM

Border agents in Tucson, Arizona, busted a woman trying to sneak in a pound of meth disguised as burritos.

A new future of TSA security lanes?

Thursday, 2:16 AM

New experimental TSA passenger screening lines opened for the first time. Are they faster?

Shipwreck found at Boston work site

Thursday, 2:16 AM

It was a typical day at work for construction crews in Boston.

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